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Small Business Spotlight: Nomad Health’s Platform Helps Medical Professionals Find Part-Time Work

Prepare for the Digital Health Revolution

[Nomad] isn’t just convenient from a medical resource perspective; it also plays into a nascent “gig economy” in health care that’s become increasingly popular among younger, tech-savvy physicians.

Junto Profile: Nomad Health

The Doctor Is In (The Marketplace)

High-Tech Help for the Freelance Physician

Nomad aims to add so much value for users—both hospitals and clinicians—that it will eventually become as indispensable to the health-care system as Facebook has become to social networking.

Digital health is helping to fuel the city’s economy

What Your Doctor Wishes You Knew

Trump’s travel ban sows uncertainty for healthcare and medicine

US health care relies heavily on foreign workers. Trump's immigration ban is raising alarms

50 NYC startups to watch in 2017

The company utilizes a cloud-based platform to connect doctors with freelance clinical work at hospitals. Nomad was founded in 2015 by former physician Alexi Nazem and Zander Pease [...]

Healthcare staffing startup backed by Business Insider co-founder views telemedicine as next market opportunity

Nomad Health Raises $4 Million in Series A Led by First Round Capital and RRE Ventures

Nomad Health Raises $4M for Online Market Connecting Doctors, Hospitals

Kevin Ryan, Co-Founder of Business Insider and Gilt Groupe, Tackles Healthcare

This doctor was so frustrated trying to find freelance work, he founded a company to make it easier

The startup aims to eliminate the brokers in [locum tenens] transactions, which are time-consuming and expensive: when a health care facility has available freelance work, it has to pay a broker fee — usually 30 to 40% commission — on top of what they're paying doctors.

Business Insider and Gilt founder Kevin Ryan wants to fix health care next


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