Are you a top nurse?

Find great travel nursing jobs without recruiters.

What is Nomad?

Nomad is the first free network for nurses to find travel nursing jobs, without agency recruiters. On Nomad, nurses are empowered to search for high-paying jobs transparently and connect directly with medical employers online.

Earn Premium Pay

Get paid higher rates by medical employers who are saving on recruiter fees.

Skip Hassles

Nomad eliminates paperwork and phone calls, making it faster and easier to work.

Connect Directly

Personalize your job search and message directly with employers, not recruiters.

Benefits for Nurses

We made Nomad to make it simple for you to grow your nursing career across the country. We free you to invest your time in what matters most — taking care of patients.

Earn Premium Pay

Get paid higher rates by medical employers who are saving on recruiter fees.

Unparalleled Freedom

There are no recruiters on Nomad, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to take control of your career and find opportunities on your terms.

Personalized Assignments

Choose your preferences and get matched automatically to ideal jobs. Set an ideal schedule that works best for you.

Simple Digital Experiences

Trade paperwork and phone calls for a seamless online experience.

Plus, you’ll also get

Free Travel Reimbursement

Pay includes reimbursement of up to $1,000 for job-related travel expenses.

Free Housing & Utilities

We offer generous monthly stipends for housing and utilities expenses.

Free State Licensure

Any state licensing expenses are covered for all assignments.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Multiple options for medical, dental, and vision plans are available on day one.

Malpractice Insurance

Best-in-class, full coverage insurance provided by Nomad.

401K Plan & Supplemental Life Insurance

Plan for your future with retirement savings and life insurance options.

Direct Deposit Payroll

We ensure secure, automatic payments on a recurring basis.

Personal and Professional Growth

Travel nursing offers personal enrichment from travels across the country, plus career advancement from diverse practice setting experiences.

How It Works

Search for travel nursing jobs by pay rate, medical facility, location, dates, and more. See all the details before you engage.
Create your nursing profile quickly and easily. Upload your resume and you’re ready to apply to jobs in a few clicks.
Message directly with medical facilities to inquire about a job, apply, and finalize contract details.
Nomad takes care of malpractice insurance, health insurance, and state licensing. Travel and housing expenses are reimbursed.
Enjoy your travels and do what you do best — be a great nurse!

Current Locations

Nomad is revolutionizing how travel nurses find job opportunities across the country. Great jobs are currently available in Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, and we are moving fast to include more states soon.

If you are a nurse who lives in one of the 25 Nurse Licensure Compact states, you can receive a multi-state license to work in FL, NC, or TX.

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How is Nomad different?
Nomad is different because we’re the first network to empower nurses and medical employers to connect directly for travel nursing jobs, instead of working through a third party recruiter. Nurses benefit from having full transparency on all job details upfront, and they can earn higher incomes from medical employers that save money on recruiter fees. Plus Nomad is 100% online, meaning that there’s no paperwork or phone calls.
Do I have to pay anything to use this service?
Nope. Nomad is completely free for all nurses.
What is travel nursing?
Travel nurses help play a critical role to fill staffing gaps at medical facilities nationwide. Travel nurses enjoy the freedom and flexibility of traveling to diverse destinations, and also benefit from career growth and generous salaries. In some cases, travel nurses can earn more than permanent pay rates. Shifts are often in periods of eight to 13 weeks or longer and practice settings include hospitals, private practices, clinics, and more.
What types of nurses can join Nomad?
Nomad welcomes all nurses that are licensed to work in the United States, including all Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. All nurses must be graduates of an accredited nursing program in the U.S. or Canada, and must have a valid license or certification.
What experience is needed to be a travel nurse?
Minimum experience requirements vary based on the medical employer and/or job location, but generally Registered Nurses have 10-18 months of work experience. Licensed Practical Nurses have more limited travel opportunities, and may need 5+ years of experience.
What if I don’t have the necessary state license for a job?
Nomad automates state license applications. If there’s enough time before the job starts, we’ll get your license for you.
What is the Nurse Licensure Compact?
Developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the Nurse Licensure Compact makes it easier for nurses living in certain states to find travel nursing jobs across states. If you are a nurse living in one of 25 states, you are can get a multi-state nursing licenseto practice in all those states.
Do I need to make a minimum commitment to Nomad?
Nope. Nomad is all about independence. Work as much or as little as you like.
What is the average pay?
Pay rates are given for each Nomad job upon login, and are negotiable with medical employers.
How do I get paid?
All your payments are directly deposited into your bank account. Everything is electronic and automatic. No paper checks.
Will my profile be visible to the public?
No. We take your privacy very seriously. Only Nomad-verified employers will be able to see your information.