Hire great clinicians.

Get Matched Instantly

Skip recruiters and job boards. Use Nomad to get directly matched to great doctors and nurses that meet your job criteria. Save time and hire the best clinicians for your open locum tenens, permanent, telehealth, and travel nursing jobs.


Find better doctors and nurses faster. Communicate with them directly online — not through a third-party broker.


Manage the entire application and credentialing process online. No more phone calls, paperwork, faxes or hassles.


Up to 5x cheaper than agencies. Flat 15% commission for locums and travel nursing. $10k for all permanent hires.

Save Time & Money

Join Nomad for free and get unlimited job posts plus full access to clinicians. Only pay for Nomad after you’ve hired a clinician, and save up to 40%.

Nomad vs Traditional Brokers

How It Works

Post a job on Nomad. Job types include locum tenens, permanent, telehealth, or travel nursing. Keep your post simple, or specify every detail to attract the best clinicians. View a sample job to learn more.
Nomad sends the best matches directly to your inbox. See full clinician profiles with resumes, education, work history, state licenses, and more before you engage.
Communicate directly with clinicians using Nomad's messaging platform. Request phone screens, or decline applications, in the click of a button. Manage all your jobs and candidates in one place.
Sign contracts, track hours worked, and make payments right on Nomad. Everything is paperless and totally secure.

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How much does it cost to use Nomad?

Nomad is free to sign up as a medical employer. You only pay us if you hire a clinicians using Nomad and there are no base fees. This means that you get:

  • Free unlimited job posting
  • Free access to our clinician database
  • Free messaging with all clinicians

When you’re ready to hire a doctor, Nomad charges an industry-leading 15% commission. Compare that to 70% commission agency brokers charge!

When you’re ready to hire a nurse, Nomad charges a flat 25% commission. Cost savings are as high as 30% per hire versus agency brokers.

Nomad pricing is completely transparent and there are no hidden fees.

What types of clinical jobs can I post?

On Nomad, it’s free to post all types of jobs for doctors and nurses, including:

  • Part-time / temporary doctor jobs (locum tenens)
  • Telehealth jobs
  • Travel nursing jobs
  • Permanent jobs

Nomad has signed up thousands of doctors and nurses of all specialty types. Our clinicians are actively looking for clinical job opportunities, so all open roles are welcome.

Does Nomad arrange malpractice insurance for doctors and nurses?
Yes. Every clinician you hire through Nomad will come to your facility covered by best-in-class, occurrence-based medical malpractice insurance. And to help cut your costs even more, we’ve negotiated the lowest rates in the nation.
Does Nomad do background screening on candidates?
Yes. Nomad offers complimentary background and drug screening for candidates as requested, and automates the credentialing process.
For nurses, does Nomad reimburse travel and housing costs?
Yes. Nomad offers travel nurses up to $1,000 for travel-related reimbursement and generous stipends for housing and utilities.
Is Nomad more work than using a third-party agency recruiter?

Nope! Nomad is more simple and easy way to hire. Our digital platform helps save you substantial time by eliminating all paperwork, phone calls, and faxes related to hiring — all of which is standard when working with third-party agency recruiters. We automate the matching of clinicians to your open jobs using technology, which means you do not have to search for clinicians yourself if you prefer.

Plus, Nomad will even create your free medical facility profile on your behalf if you request us to. Just let us know!

Are there any discounts available?
Yes. If your facility is a Critical Access Hospital, you can get up to $10,000 of commission-free Nomad hires every year.
Can I see a demo?
So, how do I sign up?
Create an account for free by clicking here. It only takes 2 minutes to register!