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Midge Lee
September 2, 2023
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A career as a travel cath lab tech is an excellent option for healthcare workers looking for higher pay and more job flexibility. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for cath lab techs is projected to grow up to 10% by 2031, driven largely by a prevalence of cardiac disease and a burgeoning aging population that requires on-going treatment for chronic conditions. This high demand, coupled with the ability to make an even higher salary than staff cath lab techs, makes traveling as a cath lab tech a savvy investment towards your financial goals.

At Nomad, the travel cath lab tech career is one of the most popular of our travel allied health professions, and comes with many opportunities to increase your pay. In this salary guide, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive overview of the factors that can influence travel cath lab tech salary, along with current salary data. So whether you’re trying to negotiate better pay for a new contract, or are simply looking to learn the salary benchmarks of travel cath lab tech jobs, check out our guide below. 

Average travel cath lab tech salary

The average weekly salary or average compensation for cath lab techs at Nomad Health is $2,876 including stipends. Compared to staff cath lab techs who earn an average pay of around $1,364 per week, becoming a traveler is an excellent way to increase cath lab tech salary.

Cath lab tech travel salary range

Salary ranges for travel cath lab techs can change frequently based on compensable factors like location, certifications, and specializations, and more. At Nomad Health, the average weekly salary range or compensation range for a travel cath lab tech is $1,728 to $4,480 including stipend.

Average travel cath lab tech pay rate

Travel cath lab techs at Nomad Health earn an average hourly pay rate of $74 per hour. On the high end, travelers can earn as much as $112 per hour.

What is the highest salary for a travel cath lab tech?

The highest salary reported weekly salary or compensation for travel cath lab techs at Nomad Health is $4,480 including stipend. Keep in mind that travel cath lab tech salaries can always increase or decrease depending on factors like the ones mentioned above.

Factors that influence cath lab tech travel pay

Travel cath lab tech pay is influenced by a number of compensable factors, which include but are not limited to:

Travel cath lab tech experience

Facilities are always looking for highly skilled cath lab techs with strong experience who can start their assignments at full speed. The more relevant experience you have as a travel cath lab tech, the more willing a facility is to pay you a higher salary for your skills.

Travel cath lab tech education

Higher levels of education like an associate’s degree in radiologic sciences and a post-secondary certificate in Cardiac-Interventional Radiology are necessary for a competitive travel cath lab tech salary.

Cath lab specialization

Travel cath lab techs with experience working in a variety of facilities and with populations like pediatrics can negotiate a higher pay rate compared to travel cath lab techs without specialization experience.


As a travel cath lab tech, earning professional certifications recognized by the American Registry of Radiologic Technicians (ARRT) can lead to higher pay and give you more salary negotiation power.

Facility demand

When facilities experience cath lab tech shortages, they often rely on travel cath lab techs to fill those gaps. Depending on the severity of the shortage, travel cath lab techs may be able to negotiate a higher pay with the facility.


The cost of living in each city and state will directly influence how much pay facilities can offer travel cath lab techs. For example, a travel cath lab tech assignment in a rural area is likely to pay less than a travel assignment in a big city where the cost of living is higher.

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