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September 25, 2023
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Welcome to the new Nomad Health. We couldn’t be more excited to share the next evolution of our brand with you. As a company with a proud legacy of breaking the status quo in the name of progress, we’re continuously asking ourselves how we can make things better. We founded Nomad Health back in 2015 because we were frustrated by what manual staffing systems were able to offer, especially as clinicians. So we pioneered a new way forward, shattering the notion that recruiters were the only way to pursue a career in healthcare travel. Our goal was, and still is, to get clinicians to the bedside quicker than ever before while empowering them to take control of their own journey. We stayed ahead of the curve by creating a dynamic platform with transparent job posts, robust digital search options, and real clinical support, amongst many other exciting features.

While our flagship branding captured who we were then, it no longer represented who we are today; all the growth we’ve experienced, the healthcare industry as it exists post-pandemic, and our ambitious goals for the future. Simply put, we outgrew our old shell, and found ourselves ready for something bigger, better, and bolder than before. 

Introducing: the next evolution of Nomad Health.

Our new logo keeps the compass element from our legacy logo. This time, however, it’s pointing towards the right, representing the progress we hope our travel clinicians achieve while working with Nomad. Let it be a reminder to our healthcare community that their travel journey belongs to them, and we just have the tools to make it easier. With the new logo comes new colors, primarily a bold red-orange that evokes the sense of excitement and energy while also alluding to care and warmth. Our goal is to create a space where each one of our travel nurses and allied health professionals feel empowered and excited to chase their goals; professional, personal, and financial.

Throughout our website, emails, social media, and job postings, you will find our striking Spark Line. It represents each of our clinicians’ travel journeys, touching down on different points on a map, and communicates that the path to progress isn’t always straight. You will also notice a visual shift in our photography and graphic illustrations, as we’ve spent time making sure that they represent the diversity and energy of the clinicians we’re honored to work with.

This new look represents the things we’ve learned are most important to our clinicians. When it comes to landing a job, speed is of the essence, which is why we’ve been working hard to build new features that expedite the entire application process. It takes our clinicians less than a minute to register with us and create an account, and just over 30 minutes to complete their first application. And it only gets faster from there.

With a streamlined credentialing process, a Profile that houses all information in one place, and speed-focused application features, finding a travel assignment has never been this easy. We led the way in this industry when it came to transparent job posts for travel nurses and allied health professionals. An informed decision is a confident one, which is why we want clinicians to be able to easily access pay rates, shift structures, and much more so they can take an assignment that authentically fits their lifestyle and goals.

As soon as our clinicians start applying for jobs, they’ll get access to their own team of Nomad Navigators, striking the perfect balance between independent searching and live support from real people - including clinicians like you.

While the next chapter of our company will be a change, rest assured that much of what our clinicians and facilities love about us will stay the same. We look at this time as a period of growth and an opportunity to raise our standards to meet the demands of the healthcare staffing industry. There’s still room to grow; we’re continuously learning from the thousands of clinicians we work with, but we’re confident this is a step in the right direction.

Welcome to the new Nomad Health: Where care sparks progress.

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