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Our Mission

Medicine is a noble profession. A calling. We became doctors and nurses to serve people and improve their lives. But as healthcare has become ever more complex, mountains of paperwork and cumbersome processes have come between us and our patients. At the same time, the need for clinicians has grown rapidly, leaving every facility, from the largest hospitals to the smallest clinics, scrambling to find qualified staff.

We built this company to return medicine to its roots. Nomad eliminates the chaotic and inelegant healthcare staffing system of yesterday and replaces it with a simple, modern platform that just works.

Now clinicians can get back to doing what they do best: caring for patients. And hospitals and clinics can fill critical positions so they can focus on serving their communities.

Welcome to Nomad. Built by clinicians, for clinicians.

Alexi Nazem, M.D.
Co-Founder & CEO

Management Team

Alexi Nazem

Co-Founder & CEO

Practicing internal medicine specialist. Weill Cornell Medical College faculty. Yale M.D. / Harvard M.B.A. Dreams of Federer's forehand.

Justin Lambert

Chief Operating Officer

Previous healthcare-focused management consultant, former policy advisor to N.J. Governors, & Harvard M.B.A. Powder hound.

Liming Zhao

Chief Technology Officer

Former CTO at Compass, CompSci Ph.D. & research scientist at DE Shaw Research. Enjoys tinkering with home AI & electronics.

Rebecca Gross

VP of Product

Former product leader at Adobe, ADP, WorkMarket. Co-founded an IT company. Columbia M.B.A., multilingual, traveler.

Bill Eager

VP of Engineering

Full-stack software developer. Previously Senior Engineer at Tumblr and Yahoo! Proud Buffalo native.

Joe Lazarus

VP of Marketing

Previous marketing experience at Yahoo, LinkedIn, J.Crew, Backflip Studios, FiftyThree, and elsewhere. Husband, father, and dog dad.

Marc Lombardo

VP of Business Development

Former M&A investment banker, co-founder of an e-commerce platform, and Columbia M.B.A. Avid Boston sports fan.

Jess Compagnola

VP of Finance

Former hedge fund director who fell hard for early-stage finance. Previously at Gust. Father of three adorable Eagles fans.

Allie Roseman

VP of People

Previous people ops leader at change.org. Former D1 athlete at Binghamton University. Cat owner and sushi enthusiast.

Investors & Advisors

Kevin Ryan

Co-Founder & Chairman

Maxwell Laurans, MD

Co-Founder & Board Member

Ryan Grant, MD

Co-Founder & Board Observer

First Round Capital


Polaris Partners


Icon Ventures


RRE Ventures


.406 Ventures


CA Health Care Foundation