Travel HIV/AIDS Nurse Jobs

Nomad Health works with HIV/AIDS travel nurses all over the country to help them find high-paying jobs. HIV/AIDS travel jobs at Nomad come with fully loaded travel benefits including medical, dental, vision, and malpractice insurance on top of a 401(k) with employer matching. Nomad also offers reimbursements for scrubs, licenses, certifications, and up to $1,000 for travel to your assignment. Browse Nomad’s full list of HIV/AIDS travel nurse jobs below to start the next journey in your career.

HIV/AIDS Travel Nurse Jobs FAQs

Yes. Traveling HIV/AIDS nurses are in high-demand due to several factors including staff shortages, staffing gaps, and geographic mobility.
No, getting a job as a HIV/AIDS travel nurse is not hard as long as you meet certain educational and certification requirements determined by each state’s Board of Regulatory Nursing (BRN). You’ll also likely need a minimum of one year of full-time experience in your chosen specialty to qualify for a travel job.
To apply for a HIV/AIDS travel nurse job, create an account online or through the Nomad mobile app and fill out your profile. Next, submit your application to any of the HIV/AIDS travel jobs on Nomad that you feel qualified for.