How Nomad Health's Recruiterless Approach Puts Travelers in Charge

Midge Lee, BSN, RN.
January 11, 2024
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Since the beginning, Nomad Health has strived to put its healthcare professionals in command and give them the tools to find jobs that align with their personal and professional goals. One way we’ve achieved this is through our recruiterless approach to the job hunt. In this article, we’ll explain what recruiterless means, why Nomad doesn't use commission-based recruiters, and how this approach benefits healthcare travelers.

What does “recruiterless” mean?

“Recruiterless” means that we don’t use traditional, commission-based recruiters to help our travelers find jobs. Instead, we’ve built a digital platform that allows our travelers to search and apply for jobs on their own terms while getting personalized, expert support through our Nomad Navigator team.

Why doesn’t Nomad Health use recruiters?

There are a few reasons why Nomad Health doesn’t use commission-based recruiters. Because traditional recruiters typically earn a commission for each placement and are driven by a quota, they might not always have your best interests at heart. Combine this with the fact that many recruiters lack a healthcare background, and the experience may leave you feeling disappointed.

Our solution was simple: remove recruiters from the equation and give back as much control as possible to our travelers through a self-service, digital job platform.

To provide high-quality support to our travelers without the influence of commissions and quotas, we have a dedicated team of advocates, called Nomad Navigators, available to help at any point in the journey. Since Navigators don’t receive a commission for helping you land a job, they're truly invested in giving you the best help possible.

Without a recruiter, do I have to do more work to get a travel job?

Nomad’s job platform and mobile app are designed to be a seamless, one-stop shop for all your needs. There are multiple features to make the job search as easy as possible:

  1. A centralized profile—this allows you to manage your resume, licenses, and credentials in one place, and keep them updated easily. Once you complete this, you can start applying to multiple jobs in as little as one click.

  2. A customizable job search engine—change your filters any way you want. Nomad’s search engine will learn your preferences and begin to send relevant jobs your way as you search more.

  3. Instant job alerts—get alerts on jobs through Saved Search so you can be the first to know when your favorite jobs appear.

  4. Application Autopilot—for profiles that are complete, you can take things a step further and have Nomad apply to qualifying jobs for you.

While there are plenty of time-saving features with Nomad’s platform, you always have the option to reach out to a Nomad Navigator if you need extra help finding a job. 

Benefits of getting a travel allied or travel nurse job without a recruiter

While the recruiterless model isn’t perfect, we think there are clear benefits for healthcare travelers.

More money in your pocket

We’ve found that by removing recruiters as the middlemen, we can save on operational costs. This has allowed us to offer industry-leading pay and robust benefits to our travelers.

More autonomy and less waiting on others

By creating a digital job platform, we’ve given travelers the ability to search a wide database of jobs across all 50 states, and filter by highest-pay, shift, location, and more. That means no more gatekeeping and waiting on a recruiter to get back to you to find that perfect assignment, especially in a competitive job market.

Less unwanted communication

Although getting spammed in this day and age is nearly unavoidable, it’s nice to have one less unsolicited phone call, voicemail, text message, or email on your queue to clear. Since our Nomad Navigator’s are not commission-based recruiters, they’ll never spam your phone or email to push jobs onto you. Our Navigators are here to offer you support when you need it, but they won’t overstep your boundaries.

Frequently asked questions about Nomad’s recruiterless approach

Getting a job with Nomad is an easy and seamless process. You can get to your next travel assignment in as little as four steps: 1. Create a profile and tell us your specialty. 2. Search and apply for jobs. You can download the mobile app for more convenience. 3. Accept an offer. 4. Start your assignment! If you need help at any point in the process, you can contact a Nomad Navigator or refer to our detailed FAQS.
Nomad’s recruiterless approach doesn’t mean less support. Our travelers can reach out to a Nomad Navigator at any point in the journey—from troubleshooting an application to credentialing, they’ve got you covered. And for any matters related to clinical practice, our expert Clinical Navigator team is available to assist.
Nomad Health’s platform is completely free for healthcare professionals—start searching for your next job today at no cost!
I am with Nomad and LOVE them...they really love feedback and are open to hearing what nurses need and want.
Terri N.
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Published: Jan. 11, 2024
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