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November 15, 2023
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As a travel rehabilitation nurse, you work directly with patients to help them adapt to their illnesses or disabilities. Together with other healthcare professionals, you help each patient work towards independence in their lives by creating care plans that you execute together. Over the course of your career, you might work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or long-term care facilities, to name a few.

The field of travel rehab nursing is exciting, so Nomad Health created this guide as a resource for you to help you excel in the field. Whether you’re just starting out in travel nursing, or have been a travel rehab nurse for a while, we hope you find something in this guide that supports your travel journey with us. Discover information about pay rates, benefits, and more.

Average rehab travel nurse pay

Rehab travel nurse pay can vary depending on compensable factors such as your experience, certifications, and location where you take a travel job. The average weekly total compensation for rehab travel nurses at Nomad Health is about $1,952, including a travel stipend. Depending on your experience, rehab travel nurses at Nomad may earn a total compensation of up to $2,860 per week.*

*based off Nomad Health compensation data for travel rehabilitation nurses as of October 19th, 2023.

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Rehabilitation travel nurse pay range

Rehab travel nurse pay ranges can change frequently depending on the facility demand for rehab nurses. When a facility is short staffed with rehab nurses, the pay range may increase for that particular specialty. Depending on the facility needs and your experience, the total compensation for rehab travel nurses at Nomad is between $1,116 and $2,860 per week including travel stipend.*

*Based off Nomad Health compensation data for travel rehabilitation nurses as of October 19th, 2023.

Average pay rate for rehab travel nurses

The average pay rate for rehab travel nurses depends on compensable factors such as experience and facility demand for rehab travel nurses. At Nomad, the average pay rate for rehab travel nurses is approximately $51 per hour, although this number could be higher or lower for some travel nurses.*

*Based off Nomad Health compensation data for travel rehabilitation nurses as of October 19th, 2023.

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What is the highest rehab travel nurse compensation?

As of October 19, 2023, the highest total compensation for rehab travel nurses at Nomad is approximately $70 per hour or $2,860 per week, including a travel stipend. Keep in mind that compensation for travel nurses fluctuates based on the needs of facilities, so the highest total compensation for rehab travel nurses may actually be higher or lower. To see the highest total compensation for rehab travel nurses today, browse our rehab travel nurse jobs and sort by highest pay.

Factors that influence rehabilitation travel nurse pay

Rehab travel nurse pay is influenced by a number of compensable factors, which include but are not limited to:

Rehab travel nurse experience

Facilities are always looking for highly skilled rehab travel nurses with experience under their belt who can hit the ground running as soon as they start. The more relevant experience you have as a rehab travel nurse, the more willing a facility may be to pay you a higher salary for your skills.

Facility demand for rehab travel nurses

When facilities experience rehab staff nurse shortages, they often rely on rehab travel nurses to fill those gaps. Depending on the severity of the shortage, rehab travel nurses may be able to earn higher pay with the facility.

Travel job location

The cost of living in each city and state can directly influence how much facilities can pay travel rehabilitation nurses. For example, a rehab travel nurse on assignment in a rural area may earn less than in a big city where the cost of living is higher.


For rehab travel nurses, achieving the highest level of education available to your specific profession may help open more doors to advanced job opportunities and higher pay.

Variable pay rates

Rehab travel nurse pay is constantly fluctuating based on factors like facility needs, and seasonality. At times, hourly pay for travelers may be higher or lower than staff workers. Knowing when rehab travel nurses are most likely to be in-demand can help ensure you get the highest total compensation available.


Taxes are an important factor for consideration when it comes to rehab travel nurse total compensation. In certain circumstances, rehab travel nurses without a registered tax home could be responsible for paying taxes on all earned income. Maintaining a permanent tax home could potentially provide tax advantages for travel stipends. We ask that you consult with your tax consultant to understand your specific tax circumstances.

Travel stipends

Travel stipends, also known as per diems, can be a big part of your total pay as a rehab travel nurse. If you qualify, these travel stipends can help pay for any duplicate lodging and meal expenses that come with living away from your tax home. Travel stipends may also be eligible for tax preferred treatment. Please consult with your tax consultant to better understand your specific circumstances.

Overtime pay

It’s important for rehab travel nurses to be clear in their contract about hourly rates and how much they will be compensated for overtime hours, which can differ from base pay rate and/or applicable law.

Completion bonus

Depending on the facility, your rehab travel nurse job might come with a completion bonus. A completion bonus is a set amount of money a facility will pay you if you complete the full rehabilitation travel assignment. Facilities that have a hard time retaining rehab travel nurses and staff nurses tend to offer completion bonuses more often.


Benefits are considered an extension of rehab travel nurse total compensation. Rehabilitation travel nurses who work with Nomad enjoy a full range of benefits including health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and participation in Nomad’s 401(k) plan. Nomad also partially reimburses rehab travel nurses for certifications, licensure, and scrubs.

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Frequently asked questions about rehab travel nurse pay

The amount that a travel rehab nurse makes per hour can vary depending on each facility, individual experience, and industry demand. At Nomad Health, the hourly wage ranges from about $31 to $70. Your actual hourly wage may be higher or lower than this range. While searching for jobs on Nomad’s website, you’ll be able to see each job’s pay rate.
Yes; rehabilitation travel nursing is an exciting career with lots of opportunities to grow and specialize depending on your interests. By taking travel jobs, you’re potentially able to access different facilities types and patient populations, which is an incredibly valuable experience. The potential to increase your pay by taking high-paying assignments is also a perk of rehab travel nursing.
There are a lot of factors that may impact pay for both rehab travel and staff nurses, including location, facility, education, certifications, experience, and industry demand, to name a few. At Nomad, you can search and sort rehab travel jobs by pay to find jobs that match your financial goals, and compare them to staff rehab nurse roles in the states you’re applying to.

Rehab travel RN healthcare resources

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