Nomad Health Q1 2023 Jobs Report

Nomad Health Q1 2023 Jobs Report

Med-Surg, ER among top travel nursing specialities while Texas, N.Y. lead top states

Nurses are leaving the profession at a rate the current educational pipeline simply can’t support, with some estimates showing the US. will have a national deficit of more than 900,000 RNs by the end of the decade.

Nomad Health’s Q1 2023 Jobs Report looks at the most in-demand travel nursing specialties based on Nomad Health’s own job data. Additionally, we looked at which states have the most travel nurse jobs, as well as which states travel nurses want to work in the most based on their search behavior. This supply and demand data for travel nurse jobs is meant to help facilities, government bodies, and reporting bodies understand the latest employment trends in travel nursing and the impact it has on nurse staffing supply and demand.

Nomad Health Q1 2023 jobs report highlights

  • The most in-demand travel nurse specialties were Med-Surg, Emergency Department, and Step-Down.
  • The top states for travel nurse jobs were Texas, New York, and California.
  • Travel nurses looked for jobs the most in California, Florida, and Texas.

The top 10 most in-demand travel nursing specialties Q1 2023

Based on Nomad Health’s job data, these are the travel nurse specialties most in-demand by healthcare facilities during Q1 2023, as calculated by percent of unique new jobs (including allied health) posted on Nomad Health during this period. Topping the list is Med-Surg, not surprisingly as this is the top specialty in the US.

  1. Med-Surg - 17% of jobs
  2. Emergency Department - 8% of jobs
  3. Step-Down - 7% of jobs
  4. Med-Surg/Telemetry - 6% of jobs
  5. Medical ICU - 5% of jobs
  6. Telemetry - 5% of jobs
  7. Operating Room - 5% of jobs
  8. Labor and Delivery - 2% of jobs
  9. Rehabilitation - 2% of jobs
  10. Psychiatry - 2% of jobs

Top states for travel nurse jobs Q1 2023

One of the questions we wanted to answer with our data was “where are the jobs at?”

Data was calculated by percent of unique jobs by state added in Q1 2023. Topping the list this quarter was Texas. According to the Nomad Health data team, it’s not uncommon to see Texas topping the list, because not only is it a large rapidly growing state, Texas is a “compact state,” which allows travel nurses to obtain a multi-state license, speeding up the credentialing and employment process for travel nurses.

  1. Texas*- 7% of jobs
  2. New York- 6% of jobs
  3. California- 6% of jobs
  4. Florida*- 5% of jobs
  5. Massachusetts- 4% of jobs
  6. Pennsylvania- 4% of jobs
  7. Illinois- 4% of jobs
  8. North Carolina*- 4% of jobs
  9. Virginia*- 4% of jobs
  10. Maryland*- 3% of jobs

States travel nurses looked for jobs the most in Q1 2023

Nomad wanted to understand where travel nurses want to work. To do that, we looked at the states our travel nurses were searching for jobs in the most. In this list, we noticed common factors that make these states appealing for travel nurses including an ample supply of jobs, low cost of living, and high quality of life. Also, we have seen many nurses taking travel assignments (>50 miles from home), but are within their state, as is the case for many job seekers.

  1. California - 6% of queries
  2. Florida - 6% of queries
  3. Texas*- 5% of queries
  4. New York- 4% of queries
  5. North Carolina*- 4% of queries
  6. Georgia*- 4% of queries
  7. Arizona*- 3% of queries
  8. Colorado*- 3% of queries
  9. Virginia*- 3% of queries
  10. Massachusetts- 3% of queries


Nomad Health examined our internal job data collected Jan. 1, 2023 - March 31, 2023 from over 80,000 users to curate Nomad’s Q1 Travel Nurse Jobs Report.

About Nomad Health

At Nomad Health, we have the most qualified and professional travel nurses in the market today, and our nurses have a 93% on-time start for their assignments. Here’s a snapshot of our travel nurses and their experience:

Nomad Health’s 300,000+ clinicians are in 50+ specialties (based on users who have identified a primary specialty)

Nearly 48% of Nomad Health clinicians are in a high acuity speciality (based on users who have identified a primary specialty)

74% of Nomad Health nurses have their compact license, significantly higher than the national average of 24% (based on users who have filled out their profile)

*Compact state

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