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Nomad Health Choose Your Own Adventure Sweepstakes
Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I see how many entries I have

Nomad will send you an email notification to your affiliated Nomad email address to let you know each time you receive an entry into the sweepstakes. There is a maximum of two entries per participant. 

Why haven't I been submitted to the assignment I applied to?

Your application will be reviewed by our operations team to make sure that it is complete and that no further items are needed. If your application is complete, has met all of the client's job requirements, and the position submission limit has not been met, it will be submitted to the facility. If we need any additional items, you will receive an email detailing the further actions you need to complete. Please complete these items ASAP to speed up submission time.

I submitted an application and I haven't heard back from Nomad?

We sometimes experience a high volume of applications and this can cause some minor delays in submissions. We apologize for the delay and you can assure that our team is working hard to get your application submitted ASAP. You will receive an automated email once the application has been submitted.

How will I know if I won?

A random drawing to select the sweepstakes winner will occur within 24hrs after the conclusion of the sweepstakes on January 31, 2023. Nomad will reach out to the winner via phone or email so they can claim their prize and confirm their identity. The winner list will also be posted online at after winner confirmation is complete.

How long will it take to know if I have been submitted?

When you submit an application, it is sent directly to our operations team. They review the job requirements and the information provided in your application to ensure it is a good match. From there, they will either submit you to the facility, close the application, or send you an email with additional items needed to complete your application.