We’re Teaming Up with the Texas Hospital Association!

Two months ago, we launched our marketplace for clinical jobs in Texas (yeehaw!). Since then, we’re happy to report that we’ve already been working with thousands of clinicians and dozens of healthcare facilities across the Lone Star State.

Now, we’re proud to share some more great news. The Texas Hospital Association (THA) has endorsed Nomad Health as a partner in helping local hospitals more efficiently and effectively fill temporary physician staffing positions.

The THA represents more than 85% of the state's acute-care hospitals and healthcare systems, which collectively employ some 365,000 healthcare professionals statewide. Since 1930, the organization has been dedicated to improving accessibility, quality and cost-effectiveness of health care for all Texans.

Of the new relationship, Ted Shaw, President and CEO of THA, had this to say:

“Finding and hiring great talent is a constant and costly challenge for Texas healthcare organizations. There is a tremendous need for better tools for hiring. As soon as we saw Nomad Health’s innovative platform, we immediately recognized it is as a huge leap forward for the industry. We are confident that it will make staffing simpler, faster, and more impactful, and we look forward to helping our members get on board with this exciting technology.”

Healthcare staffing is a growing problem in Texas.

  • Eighty counties currently have five or fewer doctors, and 35 counties have none at all.
  • Nurses are similarly scarce -- the Texas Nurses Association estimates that there is already a shortage of 17,000 nurses in the state. That the number is expected to quadruple in the next decade.

Says our founder, Alexi Nazem, MD:

“From the pioneering cardiac surgery contributions of Dr. DeBakey and Dr. Cooley to the invention of mammography at MD Anderson, to other advances too numerous to count, Nomad Health is thrilled to partner with the Texas Hospital Association to continue this tradition by solving critical challenges on behalf of Texan patients.”

We couldn’t be more excited to work together with THA to meaningfully speed up the introduction of our dynamic staffing solutions to medical employers across the state.

Last Updated:
October 23, 2017

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