Nomad Timekeeper App

Nomad Health wants to make your traveling healthcare assignment as easy as possible. That’s why we are excited to share with you the Nomad Timekeeper App. The Nomad Timekeeper App allows you to track your timecards, get them approved, and ensure you get paid on time —all in one place.

Make Submitting Hours Easier

The new Nomad Timekeeper App empowers you to track your time quickly and easily from anywhere.

  • Get weekly reminders to submit your timesheet so you never miss a deadline (or a paycheck!)
  • See confirmation that your timesheet was received
  • Get help if you need it in the Message Center
  • Have your supervisor sign off on your timesheet directly in the app in seconds
  • Access timecard details on-the-go, clock in and out of shifts directly in the app, and track any breaks to ensure accurate timekeeping
  • Add your personalized shift details such as breaks, lunches, orientation, or on-call hours
  • Edit, delete, and preview hours easily prior to submitting your timecard

Are you ready to simplify your timecard tracking?

Have questions about the NOMAD TIMEKEEPER APP? Visit our FAQs HERE.

Last Updated:
November 7, 2022

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