We’re Partnering with the Healthcare Association of New York State Solutions!

New Yorkers, get excited! Connecting great clinicians to great medical employers in the Empire State - while skipping middlemen recruiters - just got a supercharged boost. 🗽

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with HANYS Solutions, the for-profit subsidiary of the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS), New York’s statewide hospital and healthcare association! HANYS is the only association that represents all of New York’s hospitals and health systems, including over 250 facilities statewide. Our partnership will support our joint efforts to modernize the way New York state hospitals and health systems hire critically needed doctors and nurses.

“With an aging workforce and growing clinician shortages, our members have been struggling with physician and nurse recruiting, particularly in rural areas,” said Michael Ilnicki, Executive Vice President of HANYS Solutions. “We find Nomad Health's modern approach and platform to be the best solution to address the recruitment challenges our members are facing.”

Our partnership with HANYS will help us serve over 75,000 doctors and 300,000 nurses in New York - about 7% of physicians and 10% of nurses in the country. On Nomad, all doctors and nurses can chat directly with medical employers in New York online - removing middlemen agency recruiters from the hiring process. Doctor and nurse jobs in New York include locum tenens (freelance), permanent, and travel nursing opportunities. All job details, including pay rates, dates, institution names, and more, are all listed transparently online.

“Nomad Health is proud to be headquartered right here in New York City, so we are particularly excited to partner with HANYS Solutions to help both doctors and nurses find their dreams jobs and solve the critical healthcare workforce challenges in our home state,” said our co-founder and CEO, Alexi Nazem, MD.

We couldn’t be more honored to work together with HANYS Solutions to meaningfully speed up the introduction of our dynamic staffing solutions to medical employers across the state. With this partnership, we hope to help all doctors and nurses find fantastic jobs throughout the Big Apple - all while skipping the hassles of recruiters or paperwork.

New York talent, meet tech! 😊

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We are thrilled to welcome you to Nomad!

The Nomad Team

Last Updated:
January 24, 2018

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