2019: What's New on Nomad!

Happy 2019! It's January which means its time for another round of new years resolutions. One of our favorites? Always keep learning! 

So we figured, what better way to kick off that resolution than with some great new years trivia?

  • What country is the first to celebrate New Years?
  • Answer: Somoa
  • January 1 was decreed as the first day of a New Year by what famous emperor?
  • Answer: Julius Caesar
  • Every year since 1907, Times Square has dropped a ball on NYE. How many feet in diameter is the current Times Square New Years Eve Ball?
  • Answer: 6 feet

How did you do? Don't worry we've got one more for you:

What month is considered "moving month" in the job search world?

That's right, it's January! According to LinkedIn data, more people change jobs in January than any other month. 

Whether this is due to new years resolutions, a need for change, or an influx of new opportunities, January is a great time to start looking for a new job!

Here on Nomad, we support your search for opportunities all year round, but in the spirit of the moving month, we wanted to share all of the new things you can expect from Nomad in 2019!

New Opportunities in New Locations

2018 was a big year of growth for Nomad. From January 2018 to January 2019, we've increased our job inventory by 5x.

In terms of travel nursing jobs, we only had opportunities in four states in January of 2018. We now offer travel nursing opportunities across a total of 47 states.

Physician jobs tell a similar story. We were only live in 11 states in January of 2018. Now we offer opportunities for doctors across all 50 states - plus the District of Columbia!

In 2019 we plan to continue to this growth trajectory and exponentially grow our job inventory to provide opportunities that fit our clinician's job interests all over the country.

New Features on Nomad

As a job search platform, we're constantly making improvements to make finding your next job as seamless and easy as possible.

A few of our favorite features that we added in 2018 include:

  • Email messaging to allow clinicians to view and respond to all messages from medical employers directly from their preferred email client.
  • A common application for both physicians and nurses to help expedite your job search process and get ahead of the game.
  • For travel nurses, we added a number of new specialties to help ensure that job matches can best match your specialty preferences.

In 2019 we're looking to continue improving our job matching algorithm to better provide you with the perfect job recommendations for your interests.

We're also actively expanding our Nomad Navigators team to provide all of our clinicians the hands-on support they need before, during, after, and between each opportunity they find through Nomad.

Keep an eye out for all of the great things we'll be launching throughout the year!

New Ways to Find Your Dream Job

We're planning many new things for the upcoming year but the most important one is providing you a new way to find the job of your dreams through Nomad.

We're excited to continue growing and we welcome any feedback that you have! We want to make sure we're building the tools that you want to enhance your job search, so please feel free to reach out at any time to

Happy New Year!

The Nomad Team

Last Updated:
January 8, 2019

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