traveling with friends

travel nursing with friends

Looking for adventure on the road as a travel nurse? Follow the journey of two friends who take on new travel assignments together! Discover the ups and downs of traveling with a companion, and learn how these nurses navigate new destinations and new job challenges.

Nomad Health's Choose Your Own Adventure Sweepstakes

What would you do with $50,000? At Nomad, we’re changing the way healthcare professionals find where they want to live and work.

Nomad Nurses Week 2022

This week let’s celebrate how nurses have made a difference by providing care and comfort to patients, families, and fellow workers.

Nomad is Now Offering 401(k)!

We’re excited to announce our new 401(k) plan presented by Principal, in partnership with Nomad Health. The new 401(k) offering will help you better prepare for your journey to retirement.

Black Representation in the Nursing Industry

Black nurses are a critical part of the nursing industry. While the US census reports the population as 13.4% Black, this is not reflected in the health care industry. The 2020 National Nursing Workforce Survey found that only 6% of the RN workforce identify as Black.

Looking Back at 2021

What a year! Nomad has had a record-breaking year thanks to all our amazing Nomad clinicians and employees. We thought it would be fun to take a look back at 2021’s trends and many milestones. We’ve compiled data from our thousands of Nomad jobs across the country to pull together a report to share all the best parts of 2021!

What Vaccine Mandates Mean For Health Care Providers

Health care facilities prepare to follow state vaccination mandates after an additional 84,500 Covid-19 deaths in August and September. Facilities are faced with forcing nurses to resign if they do not agree to receive full vaccinations.

How The 2018 Tax Plan Affects Travel Nurses

In this article, we want to answer some commonly asked questions about the changes coming with the new tax plan enacted by the Trump Administration on December 22, 2017.

COVID-19: Update to Licensing Regulations

On March 18, 2020, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a regulation that will soon allow clinicians to practice across state lines.

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