Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, or Internal Medicine at Realtime Physicians

$25 / consultation
Job description

Realtime Physicians™ is expanding their national network of Medical Doctors for our telehealth service and we are looking for PECOS certified/enrolled physicians. Working with Realtime Physicians™ gives you the:

* Ability to generate additional income based on time availability

* Opportunity to work a flexible schedule based on your availability

The company provides:

* General Liability Insurance for all consultations

* A proprietary HIPAA compliant platform which includes a robust Personal Health Record including the patient’s Medical History and recorded Medical Concern

* A secured doctor portal for recording clinical consultation notes and electronic prescriptions.

Candidate Requirements Nevada, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Maryland, Louisiana, District of Columbia, Illinois, Nebraska, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Washington, Delaware, Connecticut, or Kentucky Phone interview PECOS CERTIFICATION
Realtime Physicians

Telehealth is a significant part of mainstream healthcare because of the ability to provide quality healthcare efficiently at an affordable cost. Plus access to doctors through telehealth is simple, personalized, time and cost effective. Best of all, our members and doctors receive gratification from their patient/doctor interactions.

The goal of Realtime Physicians™ is two-fold:

• First as a cost containment tool for companies and individuals by eliminating the cost and burden of physical visits to a doctor’s office for non-emergency, acute care incidents which can be handled over the phone.

• Secondly, to greatly increase the utilization of telehealth and “get the word out”! We want our members to use the service and call us.

How do we do that? By working with motivated, passionate doctors like you. And through education to our members about the true viability of expert healthcare over-the-phone or by video – at an affordable price!

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Benefits Realtime Physicians will provide malpractice insurance for this job.