Family Medicine or Internal Medicine at Roman

$15 / consultation
Job description

This is a part-time position that provides incredible flexibility.

Each consultation typically takes approximately 3-4 minutes

With Ro, you’re never sitting in front of a computer for hours without treating a patient.

We only notify you when a patient has completed a treatment request ready for your review.

When you receive a notification, you can review the Treatment Request to determine if the visitor is a good candidate for telemedicine and if it is safe and appropriate to write a prescription. If you need more information, you can follow up via our secure messaging platform, phone, or video.

If we are unable to treat a patient, we will automatically refer them to the nearest health center based on their location.


Physicians will be compensated on a per consultation basis. Each consultation takes approximately 3-4 minutes

Medical Malpractice will be covered by Roman.


● Currently licensed in Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas or Arkansas (multiple licenses is a bonus!)

● Board-certified or board eligible if recently completed training. Internal Medicine or family medicine ideal.

● Must be eligible for licensure in all 50 states.


● You must have excellent communication skills, both spoken and written. Telemedicine is a tool to aid in communication and contact with our patients, not a shield.

● You must be technologically savvy

● You must be quick to respond to patients

● You must possess that much sought balance of competence and compassion.

Candidate Requirements Missouri, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, or Arkansas Phone interview
Benefits Malpractice coverage Ro will provide malpractice insurance for this job. Roman will provide malpractice insurance for this job.