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Hospitalist - Family Medicine

Job description Small Community Hospital Seeking Full-Time Hospitalist
Benefits $220,000 - $320,000 negotiable Granville Health, Inc. offers 403b and 457 retirement plans for its employee providers. Both plans are offered through American Funds. Both plans allow for either pre-tax or traditional contributions from the employees, or post tax “Roth” contributions.

403b Savings Plan
The 403b plan offers a matching contribution from GHI. For every $1 contributed by the employee, GHI contributes 50% of the first 6% of the salary the employee defers, subject to governmental limitations ($18,500 for 2018). Employees are vested and own 100% of the GHI contributed funds once they have completed three calendar years of service with 1,000 hours worked each year. Employee contributions always belong to the employee.
Additionally, any employee over age 50 may make an additional “catch up” contribution, subject to governmental limitations ($6,000 for 2018).
Funds are invested at the employee’s choice into the options provided by the plan through American Funds, Franklin Templeton, T. Rowe Proce, Putnam, Oppenheimer, and others. These are among the best fund managers in the United States.

457 Savings Plan
The 457 plan works much the same as the 403b plan with the main exception being no matching contribution. This plan is designed for the employees that want to put away as much of their own money as possible in additional to the 403b plan. There are the same employee contribution limits as the 403b plan including the catch up provision. The employee can direct their investment choices amongst those offered through the plan. All fund offerings in the 457 plan are through American Funds- one of the oldest and best fund managers in the United States.
Every hospitalist provider we employ gets the following PTO per year:
- 240 hours PTO -Vacation
- 5 day (60 hours for 12 hr/day staff) PTO - CME
- 5 days (60 hours for 12hr/day staff) PTO - Sick
$3000 per year We reimburse providers for the cost to obtain and maintain a NC License, DEA, etc. Base Salary is $220,000. Incentive bonuses are paid quarterly and generally equal $25,000 (per quarter).
Candidate Requirements North Carolina Candidates must be board certified/eligible. Phone interview Candidate MUST be willing and able to do procedures.
Clinicial Workload - Inpatient x22-28 Monday - Friday
x 18-20 Sat/Sun
Average x5 admissions and x5 discharges between 7am - 7pm
Average x3 admissions between 7pm - 7am (no discharges on night shift)
Must be willing and able to work independently as you will be the only physician hospitalist on duty. There will be one advanced practice provider that is on duty Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 4:00pm to assist with admissions, discharges, and rounding, etc. Hospitalist candidate must be willing and able do procedures. We have 3rd year Duke Family Medicine Residents that rotate one at a time for a 4-5 weeks to gain hospitalist experience in a small hospital during the months September - March. Must be willing to help advise and consult during their rotation. • Admission to and care of patients in ICU
• Allergy/Immunology
• Anterior Nasal Packing
• Cardiovascular Diseases
• EKG Interpretation
• Endocrine/Metabolism conditions
• Infectious Diseases
• Insertion of Arterial Line
• Insertion of CVP Line
• IV Conscious Sedation (IVCS)[administration and supervision]
• Lumbar Puncture
• Neurological assessments and basic treatments
• Paracentesis
• Assessment and treatment of Pulmonary Diseases
• Thoracentesis
• Thrombolytic Therapy of Acute MI
• Treatment of Conjunctivitis
• Treatment of Poisoning
• Chest Tubes (not required, but you can be privileged to do)
• Endotracheal Intubation
• Emergency Medicine Privileges -- (for the purpose of evaluating an ER patient for admission)
• Treat acute back pain
• Mechanical Ventilator Management
• Treats ages 14 and up