Weekend Moonlight Opportunity in Springfield, MA

$100 / hour
Job description

Seeking a physician (DO/MD/Resident w/ License) to conduct disability examinations in Springfield, MA or Pittsfield, MA. MUST HAVE A COMMONWEALTH Medical LICENSE.

Our company performs general physical examinations for public and private sector clients ranging from government entities to private insurance companies. We regularly contract with Medical Doctors, MD/DO Residents, or Osteopathic Physicians seeding moonlighting opportunities to perform and document information gathered from a brief 15-30 minute physical examination performed at one of our clinics. Scheduling is flexible - we usually schedule 30-45 days out and you set your own schedule. These general physical exams are very low risk but we DO provide medical malpractice insurance, unlike many of our competitors.


MINIMAL RISK: A doctor-patient relationship is NOT established. NO treatment and NO follow-up care required. Observation only.

FLEXIBILITY: We will work on Saturdays and can work around your schedule. We ask for your flexibility on location, which may require travel. We really target full time physicians seeking part time "moonlighting" work.

ASSISTANCE: One of our medical assistants will be hired to support you. COMPENSATION: After you conduct the exam and return our clients’ medical report for each examinee, you will per exam administered. Many of our physicians make up to $1000+ in any given Saturday.


A state medical license (medical residents are encouraged to apply) No adverse practice history Professionalism at all times Minimal travel in some instances (1 hr or less)

Candidate Requirements Massachusetts Phone interview
Moonlight Examinations - Springfield, MA

We are a national health assessment company that provides moonlighting opportunity to healthcare providers seeking to generate supplement income by conducting general medical physicals in one of our clinics.

Our mission at Moonlight Examinations is to provide our diverse client base with health assessments anywhere in the United States by offering highly attractive "moonlighting" opportunities to the healthcare community nationwide.

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Clinical Workload — Outpatient 13-18, one every 30 mins none Other
Benefits none none none Moonlight Examinations - Springfield, MA will provide malpractice insurance for this job.