Artesia, NM Moonlighting Opportunity - 1-2 days/month - $500 per half day

$105 / hour
Job description


We are a leading medical services company that offers general physical examination services to public (government entities) and private (insurance companies, individual businesses, etc.) sector clients. We typically conduct examinations on weekends (although not always), which offers attractive moonlighting opportunities to a myriad of healthcare providers, clinical staff, and other service providers. Our examinations are functional, not diagnostic, with zero treatment.

We would like to partner with reliable and qualified 1099 contractors 1-4x per month on an ongoing basis to conduct general health assessments on behalf of our clients.

The benefits of becoming a Moonlight Examinations contractor is as follows: A. Attractive, Consistent, Long-Term Extra Income Opportunities. We pay above market daily compensation 1- 4x per month (often for years) to our contractors who work in our clinics. B. Low Risk & Medical Malpractice Provided. There is no treatment, follow up, prescriptions, or doctor-patient relationships established in any of our assignments. Very few companies in our industry provide medical malpractice insurance – we do so for most of our contractors that have not had a judgment against them for $250k or more in the last 7 years. C. Set Your Own Schedule. You pick the days you want to work and the locations you want to work in (usually 30 days in advance).

Do we have any references? Yes. We work with dozens of healthcare providers (MD/DO/NP/PA/Radiologists) and clinical staff in multiple states across the country. As a Moonlight contractor, what requirements should I meet to be eligible? As you are an independent contractor and not an employee, to work with us, we would require you to meet/possess the following: A. Current Medical License IN THE STATE you wish to work. B. No adverse practice history w/ Medicare/Medicaid. C. Personal Laptop D. Basic Medical Instruments needed to conduct a general physical E. Reliability and professionalism at all times

Contact us with any additional questions and we look forward to hearing from you.

Candidate Requirements New Mexico 2 years minimum experience Phone interview NM medical license and minimal adverse practice history.
Moonlight Examinations - New Mexico

We are a national health assessment company that provides moonlighting opportunity to healthcare providers seeking to generate supplement income by conducting general medical physicals in one of our clinics.

Our mission at Moonlight Examinations is to provide our diverse client base with health assessments anywhere in the United States by offering highly attractive "moonlighting" opportunities to the healthcare community nationwide.

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Clinical Workload — Outpatient 14-18
Benefits Moonlight Examinations - New Mexico will provide malpractice insurance for this job.