Act fast! Jobs typically fill in 2-3 days.

Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, or Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Moonlight Albany, GA

Job description We perform health assessments (SSA, Veterans Admin, Legal Pension Exams, Corporate Wellness, etc.) in several states. We need a new panel of licensed physicians in your area to work at our clinic sites in the area. If a provider seeks a low risk, highly flexible, supplemental income opportunity (usually we perform exams on Saturday), getting to know us better could be of great interest and long term benefit.

1. Max scheduling flexibility whereby you control your schedule 30-45 days out.
2. Lower risk compared to Urgent Care, etc. (no treatment or Rx - no doctor patient relationship established, but we can provide Medical Malpractice Insurance)
3. Market based compensation w/o the headaches or payment delays of an insurance company.
4. Local (no need to change your life, we work around your schedule usually on Fridays or Saturdays)
5. We have a customizable EMR if needed.
6. Great way to pick up some clinical experience without all the malpractice risk associated with treatment, prescriptions, or a doctor patient relationship.

1. Rural Locations may require 30-90 minutes of driving depending on providers location.
2. Typing required - comfort with using your own laptop computer is important.

1. Active UNRESTRICTED medical license in the state you’d like to perform services.
2. Flexibility of schedule with enough advance notice (we generally work on Saturdays but not always).
3. Minimal to no adverse practice history.
4. Experience performing general physical exams.
5. Live within 1-2 hours driving range (max) of the city where you’ll be moonlighting.
6. Comfortable with a fast paced day (we typically see examinees every 30 mins).
7. Must own a laptop and a very basic medical tool kit.
8. Commitment to work at least one day per month.

If you are still interested, reply to this email with your CV and copy of a current state license. Then, call or text our recruiters (Mallory, Cliff, or Morgan) at 817.618.2999 or 325.642.3458 for a 10 minute Q&A session.

From there, we will send you 1-4 on boarding documents and request a speedy turnaround to secure your spot on our provider panel. Once those items are completed and received, your approval w/ our clients move pretty quickly. Our provider contractors can typically expect to be providing services within 30-45 days after initial contact. If this opportunity is not of interest today, we do pay referral fees all the time (typically $250) when providers introduce us to reliable friends and colleague providers that we ultimately hire.

Have a great day and thanks again for the interest!

Cliff Adams
Moonlight Medical Inc.
817.618.2999 office
682.730.0544 fax
325.642.3458 cell
Candidate Requirements Georgia Phone interview We pay per exam conducted and scheduled 2 exams per hour at 65/exam.
Clinicial Workload - Outpatient 12-18 Other
Benefits We provide medical malpractice, a clinic assistant, and online training/support. Nomad will provide occurrence-based malpractice insurance for this job.