Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, or Sports Medicine at Palm Medical Group

Job description

Welcome to an Industrial Clinic, we are an escape from traditional Insurance based Medicine. Most that work in Industrial Medicine come from other specialties.

Benefits $187,000 — $245,000 401k plan available Paid Vacation Time Allowance to cover CE requirements Current Unrestricted California License Vision, Dental, No On Call, No Hospital Rounds, No Weekends
Candidate Requirements California Phone interview Spanish a plus but not required NRCME Exmainer or interest to become certified as related to Federal Requirement to perform DOT Drivers Exams.
Clinical Workload — Outpatient Welcome to an Industrial Clinic, we are an escape from traditional Insurance Medicine and the need to be responsible for your patients 24/7. We are not their primary and we are only treating and managing body parts injured in the course of work. All other aspects of care are deferred to their PCP. This is not Urgent Care, this is Occupational Medicine and you are working with Physicians, Mid levels, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and the Employers jointly to resolve an injury or incident that occurred at work. Employers seek us out to manage Pre Placement Physicals and Injury care for their worker population. Applicants should be good communicators, personable and interested in the diversity of employer jobs and work environments. Taking an interest is required for success. It's thru this desire to understand the Jobs these people have that allows you to be the facilitator and a pragmatic problem solver. Employers know their trade but they often say “I am not a doctor” and hence have questions , concerns and desire to be educated to maintain a safe work environment. Ability to speak with them and engage them is a valuable skill. Slips, Trips, Strains and falls are a daily occurrence void of co-morbidity factors, but simply at face value and need to be evaluated, treated and resolved with our process. Referrals to specialists as required etc. Our process is well established and will be taught to you. Applicants bring their existing medical skills and are shown how to apply them to these temporary claims. Physicians are shown the rules, procedures and processes. Most that work in Industrial Medicine came from other specialties and integrated when finding this a better life fit. If you feel this escape fits your interests...then we should talk. Simple Lacerations Eye Irrigations