Emergency Medicine Doctor is Needed for Coverage in Joplin, MO

Job description Mercy Hospital in Joplin is seeking an Emergency Medicine Doctor for locum coverage for dates in November and December, 2019.

Assignment Overview
• Dates
- 11/7 9p-7a
- 11/8 9p-7a
- 11/9 9p-7a
- 11/10 5p-3a
- 11/11 5p-3a
- 1 Mid-Day (11a-9p)
- 5 Swing (5p-3a)
- 6 Night (9p-7a)
- 7 morning (7a-5p)
- 7 mid - day (11a-9p)
- 8 mid- Day (11a-9p)
- 9 Swing (5p-3a
- 15 Night (9p-7a)
- 19 night (9p-7a)
- 24 Night (9p-7a)
- 25 Swing (5p-3a)
- 28 Night (9p-7a)

Additional details:
• 11a-9p takes all admits and referral into the inpatient setting
• Works with an APC on admits from 11a-7p
• 7p-9p works with the physician nocturnist
• Will keep patients on his service for the day and hands off to nocturnist at 11p
• Between swing physician, nocturnist, and APC up to 20 admits during the 12 hours
• 26k annual volume - Trauma Level 2
• Credentialing 6-8 weeks, temp privs with a clean file
• Takes all nurse calls and step down if the attending is a hospitalist.
• Respond to codes? He does respond to codes along with the intensivist who will run the code
• Do you have a single line referral and does he do those calls too? We have a patient access department but he gets those patients as well if they admit to hospitalist service
• Does he do consults and rapid responses? If a consult needs to be seen then yes he gets them I have never heard this was an issue in the past.
• How does he go about distributing his overnight admits to the day hospitalist? We are fixing the distribution list
• Is there a backup in place should he need critical help? Yes we have an intensivist in house 24/7 and 2 ED physicians present until about 3 AM
• Is there a point where he can leave admits for the day shift? He can always pend an admit similar to what he did this morning he may need to take the information and hand of to the admitting APC for the day.

• Hourly (regular) = $280/hr
• Holiday Rate = 1.5x

Candidate Requirements
• Board Certification
• Certifications: BC ABEM only
• Must have active MO license
Candidate Requirements Missouri Phone interview
Clinicial Workload - Combined This job consists of both inpatient and outpatient work.
Benefits Nomad will provide medical malpractice insurance:
  • Coverage: Occurrence-based
  • Claim Limit: $1.0M
  • Aggregate Limit: $3.0M
  • Carrier: Coverys