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Long-term Anes in Syracuse

Job description Our group provides anesthesia services at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, North East Surgery Center (Fayetteville) and North Surgery Center (Liverpool)
We offer a wide variety of anesthesia services including: cardiac, major vascular, orthopedics, obstetrics, neurosurgery, general surgery, urology, some peds, acute pain and gynecology

St Joseph’s Health -Main Hospital- 450-bed hospital 16 ORs

North Medical Ambulatory Surgery Center- 4 ORs, 2-endo rooms
North East Medical Ambulatory Surgery Center- 4 ORs

Types of Cases:  Cardiac, Vascular, Thoracic, Orthopedic (inclusive of backs and necks), Neuro- back and necks, GYN- Oncology, GU, General, Bariatric, DaVinci cases, Pacemakers, ICD’s,  Colo-Rectal General, GU, ENT, Robot hernia, healthy pediatric dental, plastics (eyelids)

Services: OB, Endo, EP (2-rooms), Cath lab (Pacemakers & ICDs), PACU- ECT and Cardioversions, occasional IR

Staffing: 25 MDAs, 25 FTE CRNAs, plus agency and per-diem CRNAs


Shifts: FLEXIBLE/Call

8hr, 10hr, 12hr, 16hr, 1300-2100, overnight weekday and weekend shifts, day weekend shifts OT option, multiple options
Candidate Requirements New York Phone interview
Clinicial Workload - Inpatient This job consists of inpatient clinical work.
Benefits Nomad will provide medical malpractice insurance:
  • Coverage: Occurrence-based
  • Claim Limit: $1.0M
  • Aggregate Limit: $3.0M
  • Carrier: Coverys