Landmark Health- Los Angeles, CA

Landmark Health- Los Angeles, CA

Landmark Health is a high growth, entrepreneurial, home-based provider team that is transforming healthcare by serving the extensive needs of the most chronically ill in our communities. Physicians lead a multidisciplinary team and serve on the frontlines delivering preventive and urgent medical care in the homes of high-risk patients. We offer concierge-style medicine for the people who need it most.

We partner with health plans to provide house calls to safety net population. By bringing care directly to these members and being available after-hours, we help to fill in the gaps of a healthcare system that all too often leads to unnecessary hospitalizations of complex patients. We adhere to proactive care plans to prevent chronic disease exacerbations and keep our members comfortably at home in line with their personal goals.

Through the integration of technology, a highly innovative care delivery model, and multidisciplinary clinical teams, Landmark delivers health management capabilities at scale for the frailest and most clinically complex segments of the population – the 3-5% of members that account for 20-30% of all national healthcare expenses annually.

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2101 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 3290
El Segundo, CA

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