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Be A Nomad.

Interested in Working Locum Tenens?

Find great jobs - without agency recruiters.

Why Work Locum Tenens?

The growing clinician shortage across the country in both primary care and specialty care means increasing opportunities for locum tenens work for all doctors.

Nomad gives you access to jobs across the country to help you find the best opportunity. Then, you can communicate directly with medical facilities, eliminating the middleman and making your life easier.

Nomad displays pay information and job details upfront for every position. This transparancy means you’ll know exactly what your responsibilities will be and how much you will be making every hour or day.

Benefits of Locum Tenens With Nomad Health

Earn Extra Income
Get paid a premium for doing what you love. Locums jobs on average pay 30-50% more than permanent positions.
Make Your Own Schedule
Choose when and how often you want to work. Message directly with facilities to coordinate a schedule that fits your needs.
Broaden Your Skills
Experience working in new environments or with different patient populations. See if that setting might actually be one you prefer.